Activated Carbon for Aquarium & Water Purification 500g

Rs 390.00

500g with Mesh Bag



Activated carbon has a strong physical adsorption & chemisorptions role in the adsorption of certain organic compounds to achieve the removal efficiency, the use of this principle, can quickly and effectively remove harmful in the aquarium water quality substances, odor, heavy metals, purification and softening of the effectiveness of water quality, as well as pigments, etc., so that to obtain direct and rapid improvement in water quality.

This activated carbon works faster, better, and longer than the rest.
Eliminates foul odors, unsightly discoloration, and harmful organic substances.
Heat-activated bituminous coal-based granules are specially sized and far more efficient than coconut, wood, or peat-based carbons.

What is activated carbon used for?:

  • Oil de-colorization
  • Water Purification
  • Aquarium water filtration
  • Wastewater Purification
  • Air Purification
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Alcohol/Ethanol Purification
  • Washing the Carbon after using!

Package included:

1 Pack of 500g activated carbon in the mesh bag

Activated carbon for pond / fish tank filters in Sri Lanka



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