Premium Quality Crystal Clear Casting Epoxy Resin – 1kg Pack

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High quality ultra clear Epoxy resin (This is NOT cheap Polyester Resin). This epoxy resin do not smell, generate low heat (when cure), and do not damage photographs. This epoxy specially formulated for artistic work and ornament making where crystal clear application is required. This product has extremely effective sealing property and bonds almost any surface. You can use to seal cracks in concrete, ceramic, granite, marble, glass, wood & similar materials.

You can make ornaments, photo albums, jewellery, furniture…etc.

Cold-curing, two-component casting resin consisting of bis-phenol A-epichlorohydrin and epoxy hardener, very low viscosity (very pour-able), cured material is colorless and transparent. Mixing ratio of resin to hardener 2:1, de-molding time 24-48hours, temperature resistant up to app. 60 °C, shelf life when properly stored: about 12 months (resin & hardener).

This Epoxy casting resin, water clear product is a very low viscosity, to a large extent shrinkage-free, particularly pour-able resin that produces a highly transparent cast piece that has a very smooth, polish-able surface. This casting resin is almost completely colorless, and this premium epoxy do not tern yellow overtime. Even when poured in thin coats it cures without stickiness, which makes it as great a choice for transparent coatings as it is for the embedding and covering of objects. This epoxy is normally used in an unreinforced form but it can also be used in a reinforced form as a laminating resin (with a very long pot life) even if there are in fact other, probably better resins that have been specially developed for just that purpose.

What’s Included:
Resin 670g
Hardener 340g

Clear Epoxy Resin, Clear Resin for art & ornament making, Epoxy for metal, concrete, ceramic, granite, marble, glass, wood, Chrystal Clear Epoxy in Sri Lanka.

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1 review for Premium Quality Crystal Clear Casting Epoxy Resin – 1kg Pack

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Superb, water clear, cured in 24hrs, but make sure to mix ratio 2:1 resin and hardener.
    Hopefully techshop will offer bigger quantity cheaper!!!

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