DC-DC 12V Delay Timer, Trigger Delay Off Module

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DC12V Trigger Countdown Timer Delay Turn OFF Switch Module.

  • Module input power: DC 12V (Suitable DC 10V-16V)
  • Load power=input power = Output power
  • Press the key to trigger, trigger immediate start action and delay. (if the key is connected to the power before it is short, then the power will be switched on and a set time delay)
  • Display: adjust the time to display the set time; the delay process, dynamic display countdown. After the trigger, the load is switched on, and the load is disconnected after the specified time. In the process of delay, the button operation immediately stops the delay and returns to the initial state. Delay in the process of digital tube to reduce the brightness, and the time delay of the countdown, real-time display of the remaining time.
  • The adjustable resistor to set the time, adjustable range: 1 to 99, the jumper can choose units, jumper in seconds, tuning range 1-99 seconds, jumper in minutes, adjusting range 1-99 minutes.
  • Line board size: 66 x 32 mm
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