Dent Puller Repair Kit with 18Pcs Suction Tabs

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Vehicle Body Paint-less Dent Removal Tool (PDR) T-bar Dent Puller Tool with 18 Pcs Suction Tabs

Tool is small and lightweight, easy to operate, save your a lot of time and effort;
Can pull any dents from car body, refrigerator, washing machine;
The tool is designed into a golf club shape, which is specially used for car body sag repair;
In the process of repairing the dents of the body, the tool can better protect the car paint from harm;

User Instructions for Painless Dent Repair (PDR) T-bar Dent Puller Tool Kits

1.Locate the dent, clean the area with a cleaning cloth dampened with alcohol;
2.Use LED line board to detect the shape and size of the dent, mark the dent surface with a marker pen;
3.Get a corresponding glue stick and clean with alcohol, pre heat the stick with glue gun;
4.The glue stick will be fully melted in about 2-3mins, and then apply the glue evenly on a suitable suction tab*, it’s ok to apply slightly more;
5.Adhere the suction tab to the dent and wait for 3-5mins, when residual heat remains on the adhesive (just a little bit is enough),
connect the tab with T-bar Puller, hold the handle and pull outward gradually, please keep in mind do not overexert, try several times until the damage surface is flatten or slightly bulging;
6.Spray alcohol to adhesive area and clean the residual glues with rubber shovel;
7.For a smaller dent which is relatively higher at surrounding and deeper in middle, knock the surrounding area slightly with a fattening hammer in order to smooth the depressed surface, this process helps you easier to deal with smaller dent;
8.Double check the results after PDR, if dents still exist, repeat the steps above until all dents are removed.


1 x T-bar Dent Puller Tool 18 x Suction Tab



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