Glass Windscreen Crack & Chip Repair Tool Kit

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Vehicle Windscreen Repair Kit

Windscreen Repair Kit is designed to provide the vehicle owner to repair small damages on their laminated glass windscreens. Its advanced resin formula fills the air cavity, bonding the loose glass and preventing the damage from spreading. In a matter of minutes, your cracked windscreen will look good as new!

Windscreen Repair Kit Features:

  • DO-IT-YOURSELF: It’s easy, simple to use, and can be done by anyone!
  • SINGLE-INGREDIENT ADHESIVE: Eliminates the need for mixing formulas
  • REPAIRS SMALL DAMAGES: The kit can only be used on cracks and chips smaller than 1 inch (25mm) in diameter
  • MULTIPLE REPAIRS: The Super Windscreen Repair Kit can be used to repair multiple damages

Package Included:
1 Set of Windshield Repair Tool Kit

Please Note:Do not include retail package/Box.

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