Magnetic Door Window Security Burglar Alarm

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Door Window alarm can be easily installed, no wiring required. Quite easy and convenient to use.

  • COMPLETE STARTER KIT FOR EVERY HOME – Features a loud more 90 dB alarm unit (siren). No wiring required because the system components connect wirelessly to one another and are battery operated.
  • SAFETY REASSURANCE – When in travel, this emergency kit keeps your home secure, or keep your hotel a more relax place to check in. Highly sensitive vibration sensor, thief, burglar, intruder attack defender, precise triggered to avoid any missing sneak-in attempt.
  • SAFE FOR YOUR FAMILY – Prevent kids and babies going out the house without notice. Protect your house from thief’s break in your house’s windows and doors.
  • VERSATILE – The alarm unit is small but very loud. This enables you to either give it a fixed position or to take it with you when you need it somewhere else, somewhere where they are needed and should be heard.
  • PORTABLE EASY INSTALLATION – Small size to pack in luggage in travel, while stick on and off, perfect for travel hotel safety, or home security at home as a door & windows alarm around the home, shed or garage, perfect lockout & tagout product and occupational health & safety products at office.

1.New and high quality
2.Environmental economy, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant
3.Convenience in installation
4.Super environmental suitability and stability
5.Dustproof and insect prevention
6.Easily mounted by adhesive. Type to window or door
7.Magnetic sensor switch detects entry protecting your home or office whether you are in or out
8.Warning door / window sticker is supplied free in package
9.Operated by 2 pcs AAA 1.5V battery

1.Sensor type:Alarm
2.Alarm type: sound
3.Material: plastic
4.Color: white
5.Size: 16 x 8,1 x 31 cm

Package Includes:
1 Wireless Door Alarm

Operating instructions:
Use the double – side adhesive tape to fix the main unit at the side of the door / window. Attach the bar magnet to door frame / window frame with the arrow aligning with the reference line of the main unit.
Test the setup by switching the system´s switch to “ON” position of the main unit and see whether the alarm can be triggered by opening the door / window.

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