Multi-use Electromagnet DC12V-24V

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  • Voltage: 5v, current: 18ma; 6v, current: 18ma; 9V, current: 31ma; 12v, current:42ma; 18v, current: 65ma; 24v, current: 83ma; 30v, current: 103ma
  • Length of wire: 300mm
  • There is glue protection on the Electromagnetic back, the whole electromagnet works beautifully
  • The current at DC12V is only 42 MA, which makes it very easy to pick up a 0.9 kg fan. This is not its maximum suction. When the voltage is reduced to DC7V (current is only 19 MA), it can suck up the entire fan.
  • Used in household appliances, vacuum cleaners, small size, high efficiency, high suction, low power consumption, high quality, high quality electromagnet, easy to use, can generate large magnetic force when connected to DC power, very suitable for DIY use

Package include: 1PC Electromagnet

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