UVC Ultraviolet Disinfection Sterilization Lamp 15W

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  • Name: 15W Ultraviolet disinfection lamp 220V E27 UVC with or without Ozone.
  • Material: Quartz Glass
  • Color: White
  • Suitable Space: 15-25㎡
  • Recommended Time: 15-30mins (appr.)
  • Power: 15W (with Ozone)Why Ozone? Compared with same power, UVC lamp with Ozone has more germ killing power than non-ozone. However after disinfection is completed it also needs to wait more than 40 minutes for ozone decomposition completing.
  • Voltage: 220V 50Hz
  • Lamp Holder: E27

Made of quartz material, long service life, high transmission rate and better sterilization effect.
UV disinfection lamp self stabilizing home dedicated 15W medical grade.
Easy to use, also can be installed for use in home lighting (ordinary E27 screw).
Suitable for integration of ultraviolet lamp sterilization used in family environment.
Effective against air and surface bacteria and viruses, sterilization no dead angle, kill distemper tiny more thoroughly.

  1. Kill Dust Mites: Let the bed, sofa, blanket, pillow, towel no longer make the skin itchy and red
  2.  Kill bacteria, viruses, germ: kill mold, flu, virus, fungus, canine parvovirus, E.coli, etc.
  3.  Remove bad odors: Remove the odors which people can’t endure in trash can, toilet, kitchen, refrigerator, wardrobe, shoe cabinet,  warehouse, etc.


How to Choose UVC BULB : 

Q: 1. what is the specific of the bulb?

A: Deodorant, sterilization, disinfection, also can ecomposes fine particles in the air and reduces allergies, reduce fumes, remove the taste of indoor: cigarettes smell, musty…

Q 2. How many watts do I need ?

A:.  A-Watt of UVC bulb apply for A-square-meter area, & maintain 15 minutes light up; and in actual use, you can reduce or extend the use time according to the room area.. For example: if the room is 30-square-meters room, can choose 25w-bulb and extend the sterilization times by 2-5 nimutes.

Q: 3. Do people or pet can exposed under the light?

A: UVC ray is harm to eyes and skin, so when the lamp light up , please don’t look at the lamp. And when the lamp working, people/pet/plant must leave the room

A: If there have plants or fish tanks cannot move, cover them with opaque newspapers or cloth, then the UVC ray will not penetrate and can not hurt them.

Q: 4. What is the difference between ‘UVC+Ozone’ and ‘UVC(no ozone)’ ?

A: 1. Under the same wattage, the lamp with ozone has a more powerful bactericidal function. and Ozone is especially good at removing odor.

A: 2. but the ozone has a pungent taste, causing discomfort to the respiratory system,  people can’t stay in very strong ozone. So after use of the ozone lamps indoor, as soon as possible to open the door and windows ventilation, untill have no ozone’s smell then enter.

Recommended use time: 

  • Goods sterilize – 5 minutes (placed within 1 meter of the bulb): such as Toothbrush, Shaver, Mobile phone, Toy, Bottle…
  • Small Space ( ≤4㎡ ): 5 minutes: such as Toy box, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, dressing room, storage room…
  • Large room : 15-60minutes (depend on the space): A-Watt of UVC bulb apply for A-square-meter area & maintain 15 minutes light up, but in actual use, you can reduce or extend the use time according to the room area.

1. Installation the light in to holder gently, don’t force in to holder. Both hands should hold the two ends of the tube. When switch the lamp, the power must be cut off.
2. Ultraviolet rays can cause burns to the skin and eyes. Avoid direct exposure to the human body.
3. Ultraviolet rays can kill organic cells. Do not long-term exposure to pets and plants.
4. Pay attention to the indoor valuable painting be blocked to prevent discoloration due to long time ultraviolet irradiation.
5. Do not use as home lighting. Disinfection to moderate is appropriate. Better not open the UV lamp for a long time.
6. Should keep the tube surface clean, to prevent dust or dirt blocking UV output.
7. When clean the ultraviolet lamp, please cut off the power supply, use a clean soft cloth or alcohol wipe, avoid using gasoline and other organic solvents wipe.
8. Prevent children from playing and touching.
9. It requires people and animals waiting outside during disinfection, after disinfection is completed it also needs to wait more than 40 minutes for ozone decomposition completing.

Package included:
1 Pcs Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp 15W with or without Ozone (not included base)

Additional information

Additional information


15W without Ozone, 15W with Ozone

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