Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Door Bell / Visitor Alert Alarm

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All-In-One PRODUCT: Self-contained entrance alert with motion sensor and a built-in chime. Great product for smaller shops, stores and business offices, who wants a simple and effective heads-up when someone walks through a door or any monitored areas. If you prefer custom ringtones, check out our M6 PIR Custom Chime.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MODES: Voice/Alarm/Music mode, you could set the proper mode according to your need. Under Voice mode, it greets people with “Hello, welcome”; Alarm mode will sound alarm to alert you if it detects movements; Music mode provides 32 different options of ringtone, there is something for everyone.
DETECTION RANGE: Picks up any type of movement within 2-6m to 110°Horizontal, 15°Vertical, a blind zone occurs when beyond of the angle range, so placement is the key to maximize its utility. Sensitive enough to notify you when people walk into you property. Unable to “see” through the glass/window to operate.
VOLUME CONTROL: Up to 90dB alerts with 4 volume levels, and the LED light indicator flashes to give visual alerts. Never have to worry about missing a customer or knowing someone unexpected.
PORTABLE & WALL MOUNT: Comes with a detachable bracket to stand on and allows it to swivel up and down so it can be positioned in the direction you like, and you can use it whenever you want; Apply the adhesive patch to affix the doorbell to your wall or use the provided screws to secure it in place. All the required accessories are included in the package for an effortless setup.

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1.Power safe design, Triple functions
2.Led indicator light
3.Sound adjustment:4 level of adjustable sound volume,press the button and adjust
1-2-3-4-3-2-1 , but volume of the alarm sound is not adjustable
4.Infrared sensor adopt to digital fuzzy treatment, automatic temperature compensation, Radio frequency anti-interference,has low rate of false alarm.
5.Also perfect for long or hidden driveways and allows you a fore warning

Technical parameters:
Brand: KERUI
Working current:<80mA
Working temperature:-10- 50℃
Material: ABS
Working Voltage: External USB DC 9-15V / 3pcs AAA battery (battery not included)
Standby Current: <300uA
Working Current <200mA.
Size: Height7.5cm,Width 8cm,thickness 4.5cm (with base – base can be flat or fixed on top)

Package including:
1 X Infrared welcome doorbell without battery
1 X English manual

Easy to install and use
1.180 degree bracket rotation
2.The PIR motion sensor has a smooth stent at the bottom, you also can
put it on the table directly
3.Install it on the top of the door or ceiling or at the side of doors and windows.
4.The motion alarm with scientific detection angle design, please install the correct way,the wrong way to install the test range may not achieve the desired results, according to the actual needs of the correct adjustment range
5.Detection Angle: Horizontal Angle of 110 degrees, vertical Angle of 15 degrees
6.Installation height: 1.5m-2.5m /4.9ft-8.2ft

Note:Please avoid the product installed in the rain,with long time direct sunshine,strong magnetic,heavy cold and hot air place.

Voice mode

The infrared sensor switch the welcome mode
state ,it has 18 kinds of different sounds, and 11
languages for you to choose from.When the
chime was detected,this mode plays “dingdong,
hello,welcome” etc,reminded someone to come.
This function is often used for home, shop, store,
supermarket etc.

Music mode

When celebrating festivities or promotions
switch music mode to live up the atmosphere.
This mode has 32 beautiful songs to choose
and 4 levels volume adjustment

Alarm mode

The infrared sensor switch in alarming mode
state ,it has 4 kinds of alarm voice for your
choice.When the infrared was detected,sound
loudly alarm to user, use as alarm system.

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