CACAZI Self-Powered Wireless Doorbell

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  • Model Number:A10G
  • Color:Black
  • Operating Range:100 meters in open area
  • Ringtones:38 ringtones
  • Volume:3 levels from 25-80dB
  • Button Size:77*45*25mm
  • Receiver Size:99*65*24mm
  • The transmitter is self-powered (No need battery)
  • Power Source:110-240V
  • Receiver Plug Type: UK plug
  • Self-powered button doorbell that requires no battery,Conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy.
  • 100 meter receiving distance (In the open area),Stable quality is ideal for villas, hotels, schools and other areas.

CACAZI wireless doorbell is a transmitter self-powered doorbell, without any battery,

just plug the receiver into an electrical outlet,the push button transmitter can be stick it to the door with provided adhesive tapes.

The button cannot be placed on an iron door because it will interfere with the signal.

Package List:

  • 1 Doorbell Push Button
  • 1 Doorbell Receiver
  • 1 Double-sided adhesive tape
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