Clear UV Curing Resin Hard/Thin Type 30g

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UV resin is a resin that get cured under ultraviolet (UV) or direct sunlight. Excellent for jewellery, craft and repair work, and can be use to create rings, pendants, bezel setting, coating for shrink plastic paper, etc.

Good when you need to dry fast, and small projects or adding a clear layer.

Please Be Aware:

  • Might NOT work well with Large batch projects.
  • This product will NOT cure well if it is NOT exposed. Don’t try to adhere 2 surfaces together, since they’re not UV exposed they will not bond
  • Always keep the lid on and away from light, to make sure no UV light gets in
  • Product heats up as it cures, more heat for more product usage. If you apply to wood, it can get some bubbles released from the wood by heat as it cures. Use several thin coats
  • Begins curing almost immediately on sunny days. Work fast!
  • Large/opaque pieces are difficult to cure.
  • This product has a chemical smell.


  • Cured hard within minutes, no more waiting
  • No measuring & mixing.
  • Cured with UV / sunlight (under sunlight may take longer to cure), no mixing like AB resin
  • Comes with small tip, simply open and squeeze
  • Made with non-toxic materials

Under low temperature UV resin is quite thick, you can dip in warm water (50 Celsius) to thin it down before use!

Curing Time:

  • UV Torch / UV Lamp: 3-20 minutes, the stronger the UV light, the shorter the curing time.
  • Direct Sunlight (Sunny Day): 10-30 minutes
  • Direct Sunlight (Cloudy Day): 30-60 minutes


  • Color: Transparent Clear
  • Gross weight: 30g

Depend on the resin thickness and UV light wattage curing time can take 1-30mins. For an example, 1mm thick resin under 9W 405nm UV light may take 4 minutes to harden.

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