Day/Nights Auto ON & OFF Photocell Switch (Adjustable Light)

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  • Product: light control sensor
  • Model: ET020
  • Light sensitivity: 5~100 lux adjustable
  • Power source: 12V,220V
  • Rated Current: 10A
  • Ambient temperature: max 55 (C)

Function :

The light sensor switch can turn on or turn off light by automatically according to ambient-light.Ambient-temperature and humidity can’t affect it.

It is not only convenient but also practical;it can control the load working only at night. For instance factory lights, road light, garden light etc.

INSTALLATION (see the figures)
The successful and accurate operation of this type of switch will often come down to the positioning of this sensor. As this sensor will try to turn off the lights when it thinks there is adequate lighting, this sensor should be shielded from the other light source.

1.Switch off the power. Connecting the wire as per the following figure.
2.Please install the item with the correct orientation (see figure A) what shows in the metal bracket and according to the correct installation place with the enclosed inflated screws.

1.Switch on the power.
2.Please using enclosed black opaque bag in the packing when you testing in daytime.
3.When the bag mantles the detection window of the photocell, the ambient light of the items will be dark, it makes lamp on.
4.When take off this bag, it makes lamp off by automatically.

1.In front of the photocell, it should be no obstruction effecting to accept natural light.
2.In front of the photocell, it should be no swaying object.

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