Uni-T UT383 Digital Light Meter, Photometer

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Professional Digital LCD Light Lux Tester Meter, Luxmeter, Luminometer, Photometer.

  • Warranty: 6 Months*
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UNI-T UT383 Digital Mini Lux Light Meters Environmental Testing Equipment Handheld Type Luxmeter Illuminometer

UT383 is a mini light meter equipped with photoelectric sensing technology, which can effectively represent light intensity with electrical signals, then processes data and displays the result on LCD. It is light weight, compact, ergonomic, and user friendly, making it a great tool for monitoring light intensity in homes, offices, schools, laboratories, indoor farming, hospitals, and other area

  1. Auto zero adjustment, in build low battery indicator
  2. Data-hold function for holding measurements
  3. Permits a wide range of light measurements
  4. LCD display provides low power consumption
  5. LCD display can clearly read out even in high ambient light
  6. Separate LIGHT SENSOR allows user take measurements at an optimum position

Specification of the Light Meter:

Function Range:
Illumination:(regulate in the standard of 2856K color temperature flat lamp) Note: 1FC=10.76 Lux
0-9999 Lux 1Lux ±(4%rdg+8dgts)
≥10000 Lux 1 10 Lux ±(5%rdg +10dgts)
Range: 0-199999 Lux Auto-ranging
Sampling Time: 0.5s Refresh sampling in 0.5s
Overload indication: OL (Shows “OL”)
MAX/MIN Measurement: HOLD (Shows “HOLD”)
Backlight: BL (Manually on and off)
Auto Power Off: 5mins (Automatically power off after 5mins without operation)
Low Battery: 3.0-3.5V (Shows low battery prompt when power is 3.0-3.5V)
Battery: 3 x 1.5V AAA Batteries (Not included)
Size: 160 x 50 x 28mm
Weight: 118g

What’s Included:
1 x Digital Lux Meter
1 x User Manual

* Warranty: 6 Months, Please click to see conditions.

Light Level, Flux, Luminous, Lumins, Lux, Photometer in Sri Lanka

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