Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light 30W 40LEDs

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Designed to meet every stage of plant’s growth, this LED plant grow light will ensure a healthy seeding and leaves, leading a good start to the coming future. It will also encourage the flowering and fruiting rate of the plant while promising the quality, giving you a flourish harvest; ideal for both flowering and non-flowering plant species.

Fruit Producing Plants
Succulent plants
Foliage Plants
Flowering Plants

New model, SMD LED Grow Spot Light
Features: Increase yield and decrease growth circle
For: Hydroponics Vegetables,Herbs and Flowering plants
Blue (430nm 440nm 450nm 460nm 470nm 480nm 490nm, Help plants growing); Red (620nm 630nm 640nm 650nm 660nm 670nm 680nm 690nm 760nm, help plants Flowering)

Brand: Epistar
Material: Aluminum
40LEDs Number: (22Red + 12Blue+2White+2IR+2UV)


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