Inverted Double Layer Car Umbrella

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C-Shaped Handle, Inverted Umbrella for Cars with a Drip-free system. This Stylish Inverted Umbrella is Windproof, High Quality, for Men & Women. UV Ray Protection, Upside Down Double Layer Umbrella (Folding Inverted)

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Still using a traditional Umbrella? Why don’t you have this fashionable, elegant, practical, durable umbrella – you will stay dry in the rainy days!

Original & Very Practical Design
Reversed umbrella for men and women. With a locking and opening system you will be dry until the last moment, even if you go in the car or if you walk through doors. It is self-standing that means: The embedded push button can be easily operated and will not pinch when touched. To dry, it is only necessary to leave the umbrella upright, then all the accumulated water will fall. Also the materials of the fabrics are the best quality, therefore it allows to dry the umbrella quickly and that it has a longing life. The design of its mild handle, in the form of C, allows us to use the device.

Modern & Stylish
An original inverted umbrella with double-layered shielding. Besides, the colors are attractive. You don’t have to worry about running on rainy days.

Designed for a longer life
The central structure incorporates reinforced aluminum & carbon composite bevel, double layered fabric 210T, high impermeability and guarantee of an inverted umbrella original 100%.

Total Quality
Manufactured using the highest quality materials that make the design of the fabric and other inner parts working great. If you have any concerns, so for your personal use as for gift, you will be satisfied with your choice

  1. Always dry. This trendy new design umbrella allows you to be dry until the last moment. Therefore, it takes very little space in the car or through doors to insert the screen. Besides, umbrella collects raindrops. Self-standing: can stand upright without support.
  2. The original C-shaped design of the handle of the inverted umbrella allows a secure and comfortable grip, the strap provides comfort in any place, it is very manageable to hang.

Specifications of the Reverse Open Umbrella.

  • C-shape Handle Umbrella.
  • Length: approx. 80cm (closed).
  • Diameter: approx. 110cm (opened).
  • This practical design is waterproof, anti-UV, durable, wind proof (quality double layer fabric), self standing, hand free (C shape handle).
  • The C-shape handle allows you to hold umbrella hands free to use your smartphone, while the umbrella leans against your body.
  • Minimal dripping after closure, allowing the remaining rain water to stay inside and you can flip it over instead of letting it drip, this feature is very useful when getting in to a vehicle.
  • Easy to open and close in confine spaces unlike traditional type umbrellas.

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