LED Shuttlecock, Play Badminton at Night

Rs 250.00 Rs 150.00

Play Badminton in the Dark, LED Badminton Shuttlecock, Perfect for Kids & Adults, Practical & Fun to Play.



LED shuttlecocks for your kids, beginners and amateurs,

  1. LED installed at the back of the cork, with On/Off button.
  2. Material: Goose feather, feather, LED Lights, Switch.
  3. Color: Appearance white, LED color comes in multiple colors (color changing), Red, Yellow, Blue, Green.
  4. New Generation, The toggle switch replaces the button switch, longer working hours to 30 hours Vs. the original design with 20 hours.
  5. Badminton emphasis than can be used in low-light night.
  6. Button switch lights, IC control.
  7. Durability & good performance.

Please note: Battery comes sealed, cannot be replaced.

What’s Included:
1 x LED Badminton Shuttle

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