Automatic Night Light Switch, Day Night Sensor Switch

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The light sensor switch can turn on or turn off light by automatically according to ambient-light.



The light sensor switch can turn on light automatically at night. For instance road light, garden light etc.

  1. High quality & Brand new.
  2. Rainproof
  3. To turn on or off the light in day and night without manual operation.

Widely used to turn off lights at night like street lighting, highways, factories, gardens, ports, airports, farms, parks, schools and other places.

Rainproof performance, more suitable for outdoor
1, the internal circuit automatically detects environmental illumination is provided during the day and automatically turn off at night automatically.
2, three-wire system, compatible with resistive, inductive, capacitive light variety of load.
3, the control object for LED lights, energy saving lamps, fluorescent, incandescent, exhaust fan lights.
4, with a time delay function when environmental conditions change.

Please note: Do not install the control unit in a place where shaded or darker at daytime or a place directly by lighting of turning – ON lamp

Specifications of the Day Night Sensor Switch:
Operating voltage: 110-240V
Induction principle: photoswitch
Load power: 1000 W
Output Type: Relay
Delay closing time: 5-10S
Output: Relay

How to Test Night Sensor Switch
1.Switch on the power.
2.Using a black cloth, cover the  window of the photocell, the ambient light of the items will be dark, it makes lamp on.
4.When take off this bag, it makes lamp off by automatically.

Package Included:
1 x Light Sensor switch, Automatic Day Night Sensor (220-240V AC or 12V DC)

Additional information

Additional information


240VAC, 12VDC

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2 reviews for Automatic Night Light Switch, Day Night Sensor Switch

  1. Niamh

    This is very good. Jogs my memory space of this version.
    Grout Caulk

  2. nmahanama

    Excellent Product. Installed to operate 3 street lamps on my lane. Works very well.

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