Mini Digital Spirit Level, Electronic Inclinometer

Rs 2,650.00



4×90° Digital Spirit Level 0.1° Resolution Electronic Angle Ruler Angle Measuring Instrument Protractor Angle Finder Gauge Meter Bevel


Precision angle measurement
0~40°C Working temperature


  • Platform monitoring
  • Tool setting on Lathes
  • Bulldozer and tractor work aligned monitoring platform
  • Setting blade angle of Miter Saws
  • Slope drainage and runoff angle
  • Tool adjustment in the lathe
  • Circular saw blade angle adjustment
  • Blade angle adjustment for beveling
  • Adjust the working angle of the milling cutter
  • Drainage angles and run-off slopes
  • Setting work piece angle for milling
  • Grader and tractor work alignment
  • Setting blade angle of Circular Saws
  • Check drill press table setting, table saw, jointer table, band saw, jointer fence or band saw table


1. Measuring range: 4 x 90°
2. Size: ~10 * 4.2 * 1.5cm
3. Working temperature: 0~40°C
4. Resolution: 0.1°
5. Angle measurement accuracy: ±0. 3°
6. Power: 2 x 3V CR2032 battery (Batteries Included)

Package Included:
1x Inclinometer, Electronic spirit level with Batteries.

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