Nillkin Defender Series Case for HTC ONE M9

Rs 1,800.00 Rs 990.00

Nillkin Defender case selects dual color materials, PU and TPU combined that feels like iron case, for HTC One M9



Heavy duty case cover for HTC One M9 in quality material that gives an excellent protection for your HTC One M9 from scratches and strokes, while having a really cool look and surprisingly filling. The cover is made in a combination of Thermoplastic polyurethane + Polycarbonate materials. Inside, the cover is made of hard green plastic, which makes the phone firmly in the cover. The cover is made of solid black Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) plastic, which is more flexible than hard plastic, but still more hard-wearing a silicone. This absorbs against impact upon loss. The edge around the cover is thicker than the rest, which gives even better absorption at loss.

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