Tyre Marker Pen / Waterproof Permanent Paint Markers

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Universal, Multi Purpose Waterproof Permanent Paint Marker Pens, Tyre Marker Pen.

Brand: Gana/TOYO (depend on stock availability)



Tyre markers are marker pens that actually write in real paint. You can write almost on any surface with this oil-based paint pen, including rubber (tires), plastic, glass, ceramic/porcelain, metal, wood, stone, paper, etc.

As a Tyre marker pen, You can use on motorcycle, car tires & suitable for all types of tires. Mark your Tyre’s Raised letters or mark your racing tires for identification. For best results, before paint your tires, clean the dust, oil.

Permanent Paint Pen for Tyre Marking & Creative work. The pen tip is made out of hard-fiber, which makes your painting easy and neat.

Please note:
When using paint markers, shake well before use with the cap on, then press down on the tip to initiate the flow of paint, and you must replace the cap tightly after using it (otherwise paint goes dry). Please maintain the paint markers properly to extend their life.

How to Use Paint Marker?

Some Creative Ideas what you can do with this Pain Marker Pain.

Specification of the Tyre Marker:

  • Brand Name: Gana / Overseas
  • Model Number: 101
  • Type: Tyre Marker Pen
  • Size 2.2~2.8mm
  • Colors available: black, white, gold, silver, blue, green, red, pink , purple, orange, yellow, purple
  • Writing Medium: Any surface
  • Ink Type: Permanent

How to Use Tyre Markers:

1. Wash thoroughly with a detergent and dry completely, should not have any dirt, on the painting surface of the tire or where you want to apply paint. Do not apply paint on the heated tires.
2. Shake the pen well with the cap on and slowly press the tip onto a cardboard a couple times until the paint comes out.
3. Start painting on tyres after testing on scrap cardboard. If reapplication is necessary, do so after the first coat dries completely.
4. If it gets outside of the area, use the included pen to fix it after it dries.

Tire Marker, Paint Pen, Tyre Marker Pen, Paint Marker in Sri Lanka


Additional information

Additional information


White, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Coffee, Gold, Silver, Pink

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Tyre Marker Pen / Waterproof Permanent Paint Markers

  1. Pali1977

    Eka Tyre ekakata, tyre market pen keeyak onada?

  2. Kalu.arch

    Best and the cheapest tire marker pens in Sri Lanka

  3. Samtyres

    Good quality tyre markers, low price and fast delivery.

  4. Jarthy.K

    Good for any surface, only issue I found… sometimes tip comes out of the pen, easily put it back but it get little messy.

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