Peltier Module 12V 28W 12703

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Genuine 40x40mm Thermoelectric cooler Peltier plate module 12V 27W, We Test Each Peltier Module to Make Sure They Work.

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Thermoelectric Cooler (Peltier Module) – TEC1-12703

TEC1-12703 Peltier Modules measure 40x40x4.7mm and offer 68˚C Delta T max (DTmax) at a maximum operating temperature of 138˚C. When coupled with an appropriate heat sink and power source, TEC1-12703 Peltier Module is suitable for the following applications.

Liquid Component Cooling – Ideal for performance PC applications, TEC1 Peltier Modules are tested to cool CPUs and GPUs to extreme temperatures when used in conjunction with 12v PSU rails and optimized CPU heat sinks.

Food and Beverage Refrigeration – Precision temperature management allows for use in temperature sensitive food and beverage refrigeration applications requiring exacting cooling (or heating).

Commercial Portable Cooling – Approved for use in commercial transport, TEC1 Peltier Modules can be applied to manage DTmax temperatures of up to 68˚C.

Temperature Stabilization – Stabilize volatile temperatures with ease and superior energy efficiency when paired with a precision Peltier control module.

Precision Temperature Control – For research laboratories, universities, or any precision temperature control situation with a range of up to 68˚C, TEC1 Peltiers provide unparalleled control.

Medical and Photonic Systems – Trusted in thousands of medical and photonic systems applications, TEC1 Peltier Modules offer premier precision temperature control – even in extreme temperature differentials – few coolers can match.

Thermoelectric construction helps TEC1 series Peltier Modules transfer energy with extreme efficiency, high density element packing allows for the use of shorter elements, creating a compact profile other Peltier Modules cannot achieve, and exacting standards of manufacture guarantee strict adherence to research-grade temperature standards.

TEC1-12703 Specifications:

Size 40x40x4.7mm (WxDxH)
Imax 3.3A
Umax 15.4V
Qmax (ΔT =0) 38 W ΔT max. = 68°C

Important Safety Notice
Please refer to this safety notice before using TEC1 Modules.

Heating or cooling with the same module is possible simply by reversing polarity. Lettered side of modules are the “hot side.”
Do not attempt to use TEC1 Peltier Modules without a fan or liquid cooled heat sink.
Due to extreme DTmax temperature differentials, module damage, fire, or operator injury can occur when sufficient thermal resistance is not present.
For your safety, use TEC1 Peltier Modules with caution and care.

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