Peltier Refrigeration Cooling System DIY Kit DC 12V

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DC 12V Peltier Cooling System Heat Sink Set, Semiconductor Fridge/Refrigeration Cooling System DIY Kit (Mini Air Conditioner).

  • You can make cooling system for yourself, easy and fun.
  • Great idea for pet cooling in hot summer, such as chicken, little dog.
  • Compact size can be installed anywhere, easy installation.
  • High cooling efficiency, easily cooling down within 20 minutes.
  • Ideal for projects.

Semiconductor coolers are a form of solid state cooling that incorporates both semiconductor Technologies and electronic assembly techniques.
Peltier TEC1-12705.
Must fitting Radiator Heartsink when Power ON, not resposible for Burn Peltier if Heartsink is not assemble.
The item is finished kit.
12V DC 6A Power is need, but it is not include in this Kit.
The lowest temperature it can reach depends on the use of space and the temperature of the environment. Generally speaking, the smaller the space and the lower the ambient temperature, the lower the temperature can be achieved. Within 5L space, the temperature can be reduced to 5-8 ℃ lower than normal.

Package included:

1 x Refrigeration cooling system kit

What’s Included?
1x Large Heatsink
1x Small Heatsink
1x TEC1-12705
2x Fan (1 Small & 1 Large)
1x 40mm x 40mm Foam Insulator for Peltier Module
1x Screws

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