Pre-glued Iron on Veneer Edging Laminate 150m

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Made in Germany by BauschLinnemann GmbH, White Melamine Edge Tape 21mm X 150meter roll Pre-glued Iron on Veneer Edging Laminate

  • Simply cut a strip of the appropriate length off the roll, lay it on the edge of your timber and apply a hot iron to glue it firmly to the timber. Then clean off any overlap with a chisel or file.
  • It produces a very good, high quality finish.
  • Width 21mm which suits most melamine thicknesses
  • Roll length 150 meters
  • Color: Pure white.

Ideal for Pantry cupboard, plywood, MDF, tables and furniture.

Smooth satin finish:
Half way between gloss and matte. It’s a good match for most of the white melamine used by commercial cabinetmakers and kitchen installers.

Pre-glued with heat-activated adhesive for easy application.


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