Professional Grafting Tool Set

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Multi-function 2-in-1 professional grafting tool features an omega grafting guillotine blade that is great for cutting omega shaped cuts in scions and root stock. It also features a pruner blade for removing excess leaves, twigs and stems without having to swap out tools for the same job. The omega blade cuts through root stock and scions up to .6-inch (1.4 cm) in diameter. The replaceable trimming and grafting blades are made from high carbon steel for long lasting durability and have been chrome treated to resist corrosion and provide extra hardness. The grafting tool features ergonomic handles for comfort and increased leverage while grafting.

Precision omega blade makes clean, repeatable grafting fits
Two-in-one tool includes a pruner and grafting guillotine blade
Pruner blade is ideal for removing excess leaves, twigs and stems without switching tools
Omega cuts are easy to replicate and increase chances of grafts taking hold
Cuts through root stock and scions up to 14-cm in diameter

  • Rootstock and scion it is easy to match the U-cut, V-cut or Ω-cut,rapid healing
  • Using easily and fastly. Grafting method than the traditional savings
  • The time and effort Blade can be replaced
  • Use the pruner to cut useless branches from the plant


Materials : Carbon steel, ABS & Aluminum
Cut grafting stocks from 5mm up to 1.4cm diameter
Trimming blades 3mm thick
Phillips screwdriver with red handle
Size 27*10 cm/10.5*3.9inch
A wrench
2 additional blades
A black bag

How to use:

· Step 1: Hold the grafting stock in the grafting tool and squeeze the handle to make the cut, repeat this step to cut stem from the donor plant. Take care to ensure that the groove is cut in the stock plant.

· Step 2: Slide the donor stem into the groove of the stock plant, matching the cut surfaces as closely as possible. If the stock and donor plant are not the same size, match on the side only.

· Step 3: Place sterlizing material around the joint, and bind with tape, the sterilizing material will protect against bacteria and weather conditions.

· Step 4: Use the pruner to cut useless branches from the plant.

· Step 5: The grafting tool with “V & U & Ω” blade and the end of blade both can cut, one piece blade can be used as two pieces blade, so you would have total six pieces blade.

Package Included:

1x Professional Nursery Grafting Tool Knife
1x Phillips screwdriver
1x wrench
2x additional blades
1x black bag with zipper

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