SONOFF POW 16A WiFi Wireless Long Distance Remote Control Switch

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SONOFF POW WIFI Wireless Long Range APP Remote Control Switch with Power Monitor function for Smart Home application AC 90-250V Support 2G/3G/4G Network 3500W 16A

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SONOFF® POW WiFi Wireless Long Distance Remote Control Switch, 16A version + show power consumption measurement on the connected device.

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Sonoff Pow is a wireless switch (connects to electrical/electronic devices via WiFi) with an amazing capability to display the electronic device’s instant wattage consumption. It also report the energy consumption in kWh over a period of time, and it can generate monthly power consumption reports.

  • Remote turn on/off using APP EweLink
  • Check power consumption over any time interval  (daily, monthly)
  • Check energy consumption in real time (instantly)
  • Supports configuring fast SSID changing and password connection through eWeLink
  • Supports auto-connection to server, register and updating device status
  • Supports tracking device status on eWeLink
  • Supports single, countdown and repetitive tasks

Specification of the Sonoff Pow:

Voltage range: 90-250v AC
Max current: 16A
Max Power: 3500W
Enclosure Dimensions: 114*52*32mm
Wireless Frequency: 2.4Ghz
Working Temp: -40 ℃ – 125 ℃

Package Includes:

1 x Remote Control Module

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