UV Ultraviolet Fluorescent Blacklight CFL Light Bulb

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20W Black UV Lamp 220V E27 300 ~ 400nm

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  • LED Light Bulbs Fluorescent Bulb – Wattage: 20W
  • Base: E27
  • Wavelength range: 300 ~ 400nm
  • Main wave peak: 365NM
  • E27 20W Spiral Shape Purple Fluorescent Blacklight CFL Bulb
  • Lamp AC220V – LED Light Bulbs Fluorescent Bulbs – (20W)

1. Agricultural farming dedicated;
2. Stage performances decoration;
3. Copy lights UV lamp UV curing lamps;
4. Paper money check;
5. detection, shadow dance.

Package included:
1x UV Fluorescent Bulbs CFL 20W

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