Water Test Strips 6 in 1 for Chlorine Bromine pH Hardness

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Chlorine Bromine pH Alkalinity Cyanuric Acid Hardness Water Test Strips Ideal for Swimming Poos & Spa.

Type:Swimming Pool SPA Test Strips
Test: TC, CL, pH, ALK, CYA, TH
Quantity: 50 Pcs/Bottle

Test Range:
Total Chlorine Test Range: 0~10ppm
Free Chlorine Test Range: 0~10ppm
pH Test Range: 6.8~8.4
Total Alkalinity Test Range: 0~240ppm
Total Hardness Test Range: 0~1000
Cyanuric Acid Test Range: 0~150

1. 6 in 1 Pool & Spa water quality test strips.
2. Tests for Free Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness and Cyanuric acid.
3. Easy to use.
4. Test at both ends of pool twice a week for best results.
5. This strip is the good way to easy understand your water quality in main six indicator.

Package Includes:
50 x Swimming Pool SPA Test Strips

Water testing kits in Sri Lanka – Chlorine Test, Free Chlorine Test, pH Test, Total Alkalinity Test, Total Hardness Test, Cyanuric Acid Test.

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