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We have put together a variety of spy cameras for you. In many models video recording and sound recording is also available. High-performance rechargeable batteries ensure that the devices do not switch off when decisive moments are imminent. In addition, offer for long-term monitoring devices that can be connected to the power outlet and thus have no problems in terms of battery life. In general, in every imaginable case, spy cameras are versatile and useful helpers for private individuals as well as detectives whose job it is or who desire to access information hidden without the help of spy gadgets.

At Techshop we will help you find the right spy camera, even if you are a beginner in surveillance and still wonder what spy camera is right for your purpose, you have the opportunity to enjoy the special advantages of convenient online shopping. You will find in our shop guaranteed the right equipment, as each camouflaged surveillance camera is described exactly and the technical data is listed. We’ll help you find the spy cam that suits your needs. Our high-quality spy cameras are sent with simple and understandable user manual, so that you can operate the spy camera without any problem.

In order to make your search and purchase of the right type of Spy Cam as convenient as possible, we have divided the different types of spy cameras into the categories. In this way you have the option to:

Ballpoint pen spy camera
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Watch camera
Wrist watch spy camera
Pocket spy camera
Key spy camera
WLAN cameras

Guide security cameras

Networked video surveillance for professional security standards

Network / IP cameras

For professional video surveillance of office or business premises usually network cameras are used. They are also called IP cameras because they can be integrated into the existing network of the building. You will receive your own IP address. You connect the camera via Ethernet cable either directly to the computer network or to the DSL router.

A popular model with RJ45 interface is the Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD. The advantage of the wired devices is the radio-free and therefore largely trouble-free operation. The energy supply is more reliable. Because with the help of the Power over Ethernet (POE) function, the cameras get their power via the network cable. So you can use the device even where no power source is available. The camera is controlled and recorded using the included software. All other components of the monitoring system, such as surveillance monitors, hard disk recorders and alarm systems with detectors, can be operated in remote locations thanks to network technology.

Wireless cameras

WLAN cameras also use the network with their own IP address. Thanks to the wireless connection, however, they have the great advantage of eliminating the labor-intensive and cost-intensive networking via cables. Due to the simple installation via the router, they are especially recommended for monitoring your own home. You can log into the live broadcast on the go via your smartphone. So you are always informed, if everything is ok at home. If you want to monitor several rooms, it pays to buy a camera set like the Netgear Arlo, which can contain up to four cameras.

If you use Wi-Fi cameras for surveillance of outdoor areas, then pay attention to a weatherproof housing design. The respective model should be assigned at least the IP protection class IP21, so that it is sealed against dripping water. With protection class IP24, the device is protected against splashing water.
Keep track of things with modern camera technologies

Infrared / indulgence cameras

With infrared or night vision cameras you are able to survey the surveillance area regardless of the existing lighting conditions – even in total darkness. The integrated LEDs illuminate the dark area with infrared light, which is invisible to humans. The image is displayed in black and white by the camera in night vision mode. The more LEDs are arranged around the lens, the better and higher contrast the image.

Special IR far-sighted cameras have particularly strong infrared lights, which allow a visibility of up to 100 m. To be able to use IR cameras during the day, they must have an IR cut filter. This excludes the infrared portion of the light, so that the monitoring image has natural colors.

Dome cameras for a discreet overview

Dome cameras are mainly used in public buildings and business premises. Its dome housing has a wide-angle lens, which can have a viewing angle of up to 90 degrees, depending on the model. Centrally mounted on the ceiling or on the wall, they cover a large area of ​​the room. The dark color of the protective glass hides which angle is being monitored.

Some dome cameras are equipped with a Vario lens, so you can zoom in on details using the included software. To capture the right image area, many dome models are designed as electronically controllable PTZ cameras. The variety of functions is great, some models are infrared capable, weatherproof or impact resistant to be protected against vandalism.

A further development of the classic dome models are the speed dome cameras. The pan and tilt technology is powered by high-speed motors, which ensure a very fast alignment of the lens. In this way, among other things, the persecution of individuals is possible. A strong varifocal lens, which can partially zoom in to a viewing angle of 1 degree, supports precise monitoring.
High resolution for detailed monitoring

How exactly a particular area can be monitored depends not only on the perspective and the angle of view. An important factor is the image quality, which is determined by the lens quality and the resolution of the image sensor. HD cameras (1280 × 720p) are now standard, even more detailed record cameras in full HD (1920 × 1080p) on. So that fast movements are documented without loss of quality, you should pay attention to a high refresh rate. For the Full HD format, 30 frames per second is a common value, better 60 frames per second. However, with the higher frame rate, there is also a need for more space on the HD-SDI hard disk recorders.

To avoid the accumulation of large amounts of data, many models are equipped with a PIR sensor for motion detection. As a rule, the camera only picks up as soon as it detects movements in the monitored room. Most of the recording is also a motion alarm, which informs you by e-mail about the status changes.



Some controllable surveillance cameras have the auto-tracking feature. If this is activated, the camera tracks the detected person, as far as the angle of view and the radius of movement permit.

IR cut filter

The image sensor of most surveillance cameras is protected by an infrared cut filter. It prevents the incidence of interfering infrared light and thus ensures sharp images without color errors.

Mini Camera

Miniature cameras are used for covert video surveillance. In most cases, they are therefore not recognizable as cameras and are integrated into other objects for camouflage. Popular objects are wall clocks, smoke detectors or ballpoint pens.


The abbreviation 4K refers to the number of horizontal pixels that a camera, a TV or a player can represent a maximum and therefore stands for 4000. Compared to the established Full-HD this means an approximately four times higher resolution. Ultra HD is one of several 4K standards and has an image format of 4096 x 2160 pixels.

2-way audio

Some network cameras have a 2-way audio system. They are equipped with both a microphone and a loudspeaker. So it is possible to monitor the room not only visually, but also acoustically. The loudspeaker is used for communication with persons in the surveillance radius.