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Make Your Life Easier with Sonoff WiFi Smart Home Devices.

Sonoff offers the possibility to control smart switches, plugs, sockets & any devices via your smartphone (using your existing WiFi connection), all comes with Sri Lankan standard plug. In addition, cost-effective sensors for power consumption monitoring, temperature, humidity, light intensity, noise level, etc. can be integrated. These sensors can then control other devices & functions. For example, a socket for a fan is turned on when the humidity is 60%.

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How does Sonoff work?

The Sonoff devices communicate via an ESP8226 chip and connect to the home network via Wireless Lan or WiFi. Via Itead’s free app (works with Amazon eWeLink App or Google App), the devices can then be controlled and read out values / measurement data. In addition, some devices also provide communication over 433mHz. Due to the use of the ESP8226, the devices can be replaced by a new one For example, integrate firmware into FHEM without any problems. Caution when flashing disconnect the mains voltage!

Where can Sonoff be used?

Basically in almost all electrical appliances in Sri Lankan homes or office with mains voltage. The input voltage is 90 – 250v and a maximum current of 10A. Accordingly, devices can be easily switched to just over 2,000 watts.

What’s special about Sonoff Products?

Clearly the low price, and reliability. In addition, We had good experiences with Itead (Sonoff Devices) so far, and the app also works fine. If a device is connected, it can be integrated in less than a minute. The app gets regular updates and Itead is constantly offering new products. Basically, the app is not yet 100% mature and a complete home automation is not yet possible, but they are on the right track.

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