Delivery Available (Bank Deposit Only), Expect Delivery Delays. COD NOT available. Order PICK-UP available from Homagama. DO NOT ACCEPT URGENT ORDERS!

බැංකු තැන්පතු කිරීමෙන් පසු බෙදා හැරීම සිදුකෙරේ, බෙදා හැරීමට දවස් 3-4 දක්වා ප්‍රමාද විය හැක. COD සේවාව නවතා ඇත. හදිසි ඇණවුම් බාර නොගැනේ.

3.  We do not accept urgent orders. හදිසි ඇණවුම් බාර නොගැනේ.
  • In-Store Purchases are Not Available, Online Orders Only.
  • Please Allow 3-4 working days (Bank Deposit Orders) or 3-6 Days for COD orders to receive.
  • Order "PICK UP" Available on Next Working Day.

    Delivery Time: All the orders usually dispatch next working day, however it may take up-to 4 working days to deliver. If the product is out of stock, delivery may takes longer.

    Delivery Charge: We charge Rs 490 for orders up-to 1KG, each additional 1kg for larger/heavy items, we charge Rs200.

    All the deliveries are handled by third party courier services, so we are unable to provide exact times, and may not be able to arrange delivery on specific time.

    Courier Confirmation: Prior to deliver your orders, courier has to call before the delivery to get a confirmation from the customer. If the customer unable to answer, courier will NOT be able to deliver your order.

    Island Wide Courier (By PromptXP)
    Island wide delivery can made made after making the payment by bank deposit or eZcash.

    Tracking: All the orders send through PrompXP comes with a tracking/waybill number which can be tracked at

    කුරියර් ගාස්තු
     Weight KG (බර කි.ග්‍රෑ)   Courier Fee on Weight (බර මත කුරියර් ගාස්තු) 
     0-1KG  Rs490.00
     1-2KG  Rs690.00
     2-3KG  Rs890.00
     3-4KG  Rs1,090.00
     4-5KG  Rs1,290.00
     5-6KG  Rs1,490.00
     6-7KG  Rs1,690.00
     7-8KG  Rs1,790.00
     8-9KG  Rs1,990.00
     9-10KG  Rs2,090.00
     10-11KG  Rs2,190.00
     11-12K  Rs2,390.00
     12-14KG  Rs2,790.00
     14-16KG  Rs3,090.00
     16-18KG  Rs3,590.00
     18-20KG  Rs3,890.00
     20-22KG  Rs4,090.00
     22-24KG  Rs4,490.00
     24-26KG  Rs4,790.00
     26-28KG  Rs5,090.00
     28-30KG  Rs5,490.00
     30-32KG  Rs5,790.00
     32-34KG  Rs6,190.00
     34-36KG  Rs6,490.00
     36-38KG  Rs6,790.00
     38-40KG  Rs7,190.00
     40-45KG  Rs7,990.00
     45-50KG  Rs8,990.00