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Fire Stop Portable Fire Extinguisher 1000ml

Fire Extinguishers

Rs 2,100.00
ThermoPro TP610 Dual Temperature Display & Alarm

Temperature Measurement

Rs 5,960.00
ThermoPro TP50 Indoor Thermometer & Humidity Meter

Temperature Measurement

Rs 3,960.00
ThermoPro TP-03H Professional Grade Thermometer

Temperature Measurement

Rs 3,980.00
ThermoPro TP-15H Commercial Grade Thermometer

Temperature Measurement

Rs 3,680.00
2-in-1 Soil pH & Moisture Meter

Soil Testing

Rs 2,980.00
SHAHE Digital Angle Gauge Magnetic Inclinometer

Measuring & Analysis Tools

Rs 5,400.00
SHAHE Dual Axis Digital Inclinometer (Rechargeable)

Measuring & Analysis Tools

Rs 7,900.00
Smart Sensor AS1392 EMF Tester

Testing & Measuring

Rs 7,780.00
Fridge Thermometer with External Sensor

Temperature Measurement

Rs 2,890.00
Blue Silica Gel Desiccant Non-Woven Fabric 100g

chemicals & solutions

Rs 490.00
Iodine Tungsten LED Grow Bar 50W

Plant Grow Light

Rs 950.00
Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Lights

Plant Grow Light

From Rs 650.00
Out of Stock
300LED 30W UV Full Spectrum Led grow Light

Plant Grow Light

Rs 1,850.00
LED Recessed Wall Lamp Warm White 3W

Lights & Lighting

Rs 1,100.00
25x200mm 10000 Gauss Separator Bar Tube Magnet


Rs 22,900.00 Rs 24,900.00
Electronic Buzzer 120dB@12VDC Alarm Siren

Security Systems

Rs 1,850.00
Small Compact Thermostat KTS 011 / KTO 011

Temperature Measurement

Rs 1,650.00
Out of Stock
AAAA Alkaline Battery (Nuo Xing)

Batteries & Chargers

Rs 590.00
10 Pieces Brass Dremel Collet Mini Drill Chucks

Power Tool Accessories

Rs 980.00