Practical, Flexible, Exceptional, Beautifully Designed Wireless Doorbells

Wireless cordless doorbells are highly practical for homes, shops, offices…etc. Our range includes stylish & practical remote door bells you can easily move around the house. Wireless door bells are a excellent way to have the function of a door bell, without the mess of drilling & wiring. Easy to install, stylish, compact, designer doorbells that blend seamlessly into any home, many types of wireless doorbells to choose, and we have the largest range of remote bells in Sri Lanka.

Plug-in Wireless doorbells, Battery Operated bells, PIR motion sensor type alert systems, Remote patient alert system, Door bells with 2 chimes & 1 push button (for large/2 story houses), or two push buttons with 1 chime (receiver/bell) for multiple entrances.


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Cordless Doorbell Plug-in Remote Bell

Doorbells & Access Controls

Rs 3,890.00
Wireless Remote Control Door Bell 50m

Doorbells & Access Controls

Rs 1,450.00