How to Buy?

IMPORTANT: Delivery Available (Bank Deposit Only), Expect Delivery Delays Due to Bad Weather. Order PICK-UP available from Homagama. WE DO NOT ACCEPT URGENT ORDERS!
බැංකු තැන්පතු කිරීමෙන් පසු බෙදා හැරීම සිදුකෙරේ, බෙදා හැරීමට දවස් 3-4 දක්වා ප්‍රමාද විය හැක. COD සේවාව නවතා ඇත. හදිසි ඇණවුම් බාර නොගැනේ.

    1. All products must be order through the website, cannot purchase any product/s by walk-in to our office.
    2. To reduce communication errors and to avoid stock control issues, we will NOT take orders over the phone or through Whatsapp/Facebook. In case you cannot order online, please SMS Your Name, Address, Product (SKU Code) & Quantity to 076 977 5603, we will get back to you and arrange the order.
    3. After you place the order either you can choose to collect the order from our office (Pick-Up) or get delivered (Ship).


      Step 1: Select the product:

      1.1: Found the product through Google Search:

      If you visit the product page straight from search engine, please adjust the quantity you need (default 1qty):

      1.2: You may click "Add to Cart" (to purchase more products click on "continue shopping") or if you want to buy only one product you may click "Buy it Now"

      1.3: Find the Product you need using the website product search function:

      1.4: Find your product using product categories:

      Click on "ALL PRODUCTS" on top main menu, select the product category from left hand side list (may see differently according to the device you use).

       Step 2: Check out, Fill in the information at the respective fields.

      2.1: Buy it Now / Add to Cart: If you add products using "add to Cart", you may click "shopping cart" icon to check-out, adjust product quantity if needed, make sure you have selected the correct product/s, add a message if needed and please read and tick "Agree with terms and conditions, please read full terms Here".

      2.2: Enter Contact Information: Please enter your phone number.

      Delivery: Select "Ship" to arrange delivery, please note courier charge of Rs490 will be added to the order.
      Pick Up: 2.4: Select "Pick Up" if you would like to pick up the order personally from our Office.

      2.4: Fill in the information at the respective fields, then "continue to shipping"

      2.5: Shipping method "courier" per-selected.

      2.6: Payment Method:
      CASH: On Pick Up
      Bank Deposit: Island Wide delivery. Deposit money to our Sampath bank account and notify us that you made the payment.

      Account: Sampath Bank Homagama
      Account Name: Techshop Lanka
      Account Number: 0069 1000 6981

      Island Wide delivery: eZcash Number: 076 977 5603

      Pay at Store: Only available when you order as a Pick Up from office.

      Payment Options:

      • Pay at Office (Cash Only) when Pick Up (Order must be place online before pick-up).
      • Deposit in to our bank account (Sampath Bank).

      Delivery Options:

      • Courier by PromoXP (Island-wide delivery 2-4 Days) after making the full payment (Pre-Paid).

      Please Note: We NO longer send through post or VPP service due to damages caused in transit.