Micro-voice recorder as ideal listening devices.

Micro-voice recorder as ideal listening devices.

Micro-audio recorders for voice recording have important features – small, lightweight, easy to use and often perfectly camouflaged. This makes the digital voice recorders also very popular to secretly make audio recordings. The possibilities of their use are basically unlimited.

This new generation of voice recorders offer the ability to check the loyalty of the partner, to keep tabs on children or employees, negotiations, or to archive the content of a lecture for students. Due to their small dimensions, they can easily be camouflaged in everyday objects such as watches, USB stick, alarm clock, desk calculator or ashtray. This allows a discreet and unrecognizable recording of conversations in private rooms and offices.

The latest generation of such a small spy recorder is therefore not only incredibly small but already disguised so that they are barely recognizable as a recording recorder. They are considered the ideal listening technique with numerous applications for predominantly covert recording of calls and telephone calls. Modern lithium batteries and large flash memory make it serious listening devices with long run-times. The majority of spy recorders work “Voice-Activated”, ie with “automatic start / stop” recording in case of noise. Digital micro-voice recorders are lightweight and easy to use, and therefore quickly ready to use when it comes to recordings spontaneously and without preliminary planning. So therefore ideal tools of the interception technology. Discrete and unnoticed recordings can not be performed better.

A whole new generation of this spy recorder is equipped with additional functions such as timers for timer recording or password protection. A very special High-light are digital recorders whose functions can be remotely controlled globally via GSM or listened to worldwide. But if you invest a little more money, you also receive cutting-edge technology that is designed for a wide range of application scenarios. Digital micro-spy recorders whether camouflaged or not can not only be used as a covert audio bug, but also develop their strengths in the professional environment for audio recording of conferences and confidential conversations. in contract negotiations or for private supervision of babysitter, cleaning lady or unfaithful companion. The recordings made with the help of the digital voice recorders can be quickly transferred to the PC for evaluation, many devices already have a USB port. Any memory cards can be quickly removed and read out on the PC. In the market segment for listening devices, the technologies are developing very quickly. But the direction is always the same: as small as possible, as inconspicuous as possible, as much battery capacity as feasible and with ever-expanding memory contents.

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  • Bawantha Perera