Smart home gadgets you can get for around Rs2000!

Smart home gadgets you can get for around Rs2000!

If you want to automate your home, you first think of expensive solutions from Amazon, Wulian or Ape’. But you do not necessarily have to spend lot of money on a smart home, at least if you can cut some of the functionality.

Home Automation for Rs 1400! that’s what you need

First you need the wi-fi switch from Itead. Its smart home system is called “Sonoff“. These are available from Techshop, please visit Sonoff Products page, and you also need a working Wi-Fi network with Internet access at your house.

Safety First, you must be able to handle main AC current safely or get help from a electrician to install the switch on your device, such as a light.

Rewire or cut the power cord of the lamp at any point. Caution: Be sure to disconnect all cables from the power supply or switch off the main electrical switch.  Now set the sonoff switch between both ends and insulates all wires.

Connect the switch to the WLAN

If the switch is set up correctly, you can now switch the lamp on and off with the small black button. Now the device need the app to control. To do this, download the free “EWeLink” app from the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore and create an account. You can then use the “+” symbol to set up your WLAN switch (called “AP” in the app).

If the green LED lights up permanently, the device was successful and the device is connected to the network. If the LED flashes, you will find a legend here for the various error messages.
In operation: protection against burglary & schedules

If you have set up the device successfully, you can now create schedules in the app or manually control the switch. For example, set the light in the living room off daily at 1 o’clock in the morning, or turn it on every evening at 7 o’clock in the kitchen.

Each device can also be shared with other users for control. They also need the app and their own account. For example, the whole family has access to the lights in the living room.

In order for the control via app is possible, it requires a cloud storage. This is currently free and available at any time. Unfortunately, you have no control over where and how your data and that of your devices are stored on the servers.

In addition to the app, the switches from Sonoff are also compatible with current language assistants. In the test, the sensor worked flawlessly with Google Home. The switches only have to be named in the home app and assigned to a room. After that, “Ok, Google. Turn on the light in the living room “- and it was already light. Amazon Alexa supports the manufacturer, according to their own information as well.

Once the switch has been professionally installed, the system will work properly.  If you are looking for a simple plug-in solution, you should take a bit more money.


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